A Family Home Now Open to You

There is something special about your home that makes it uniquely your own. It is a place you go for solace and refuge; a place where long-lasting memories are made. Your home is ultimately your castle. We feel the same way about the McCune Mansion, except for one notable difference: our property is a historic family home that is now open as a unique event venue to you and your guests to enjoy right along with us.

The McCune Mansion is one of several historic mansions in the Capitol Hill district of Salt Lake City. Located at the corner of North and Main streets, the mansion is perched atop a lovely hill that affords spectacular views of many parts of the city. From the street, a stone staircase that rises to meet the mansion sets the stage for a truly unforgettable experience inside the building proper.


A Brief History of the Mansion

Alfred McCune was the son of British parents born in Calcutta while his father was stationed there with the British Army. After relocating to Utah in the 1850s, Alfred eventually married and began building a highly successful railroad business that also helped him develop connections with many of the country’s power brokers. He purchased land on Capitol Hill and started construction of his new family home in 1898.

Alfred and his family lived in the home until deciding to move to Los Angeles in 1920. Rather than sell the home, he donated it to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints with the intention that it be used as a residence for the church president. Not wanting to live in such an extravagant home, president Heber Grant decided to use the property to establish the McCune School of Music. The school operated until 1957, at which time it was converted to facilities used by Brigham Young University. The property went through several additional changes until it was finally purchased in 1999 by its current owners.


Restoring the History, Preserving the Culture

Under the ownership of the McCarthey family, the McCune Mansion has been faithfully restored to its original architectural splendor. No expense has been spared to create an environment that restores the history of the McCune family while preserving the culture of the upper class of the day that the McCunes were part of.

Here at the McCune Mansion, we revel in the history and culture of this beautiful property every day. We are honored to have guests with us to enjoy the rich history and timeless beauty of the mansion and its surrounding property. From wedding ceremonies and receptions to business gatherings and cultural events, we are thrilled to be able to make the McCune Mansion such an inviting place to the Salt Lake City community.

For the record, the McCune Mansion is included in the National Register of Historic Places. The register is a list of properties, sites, buildings and districts recognized by the federal government as worthy of preservation. By achieving this designation, the McCune Mansion has secured its future as a property that will preserve the history, culture, and memories of a bygone era in Salt Lake City and American history.

We invite you to take a look at the McCune Mansion for your next social event. We believe you will find the interior spaces warm and welcoming, perfectly complemented by the lovely and meticulously maintained grounds. Our property is the perfect location for your next business meeting, holiday party, retreat, formal dinner, or wedding ceremony and reception.