A Tradition of Elegance

Built in 1901 by railroad and mining tycoon Alfred McCune, the McCune Mansion has been recently restored to its original splendor. Exotic woods like bird’s eye maple, South American blond mahogany (now extinct) and 300-year-old English oak resonate throughout this Victorian showpiece.

Hand gilding adorns many of the canvas-covered walls, with ethereal murals and detailed artwork echoing century-old brushstrokes. Russian Impressionist originals accent the decor, while the flicker of the mansion’s several fireplaces and antique lighting casts a subtle spotlight on the grandeur.

Truly a setting unlike any in the western United States, the McCune Mansion is a beacon of elegance and history. Shadowed by Wasatch majesty, overlooking a picturesque cityscape, the lovingly restored McCune Mansion reflects a rare glory and grace appropriate for weddings and unique celebrations.

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